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Folge TOTALaugmented auf Twitter

FULL Experience Trailer

Benjamin shows, how he already is using the device in his flat.

Test-scenario 3.1

In this second video we show a little action sequence, cuttet out of our bigger game context. You can see that the fast motion of the user is no problem and its possible to create a much more deeper immersion if the virtual objects react an merge wit the real room. Focus in this clip was to motivate other Nerds out there, spread the word, join the movement and build the experiences the industrie was not able to create for us.

Reactions of Users
and a closer look at the device

In this third video you see a survey we did with people on the street. We offeered them a first look through the device and recorded the reactions. After that we asked them 23 questions about their emotions, theyr dreams and theyr expectations of the next eight years.
All Questions and the results of the survey you find
in the diploma document >> (Page11)

Test-scenario 2.1
edutainment body&health

This video is the first time we show the combination of tracking and gameengine. We used a simple edutainment scenario in which you able to walk around a table and see the inner life of a human body. Using a Wii-remote controller you can interact with this Body. In this example you shoot with cigarettes on the lung till it gets cancer. We choosed that as combination of showing our physic-engine in a medical and educational scenario together with the possibilities of gamification and the strong picture that smoking is like shooting bad stuff at your lung.